Aquarius Decans 1-2-3

Aquarius decans 1-2-3: dates, 1,2,3, personality, physical appearance.Introduction. The astrological symbol of Aquarius is the 11th symbol in the order of the zodiac houses. It is positioned between the place of Capricorn and the home of Pisces. This astrological symbol is ruled by the planets Uranus and Saturn. It is to the element air.

Aquarius decans 1-2-3: dates, 1,2,3, personality, physical appearance
Aquarius decans 1-2-3: dates, 1,2,3, personality, physical appearance

Your decan is contingent on where your birthdate falls within that 30-degree spread. About the first ten days of your sign is the first decan, the second ten days of your symbol is the second decan and the third decan around the third ten days.

Aquarians are genuinely free spirits and see life much dissimilar to others. They frequently have ideas, opinions, and mannerisms that can appear to others as an uncommon, strange band. The Aquarius Star Symbol is from the element of air. Aquarians are the free feelings of the Zodiac and are forced to do precisely whatsoever they want to do when they want to do it. The Aquarius Star sign is signified by the Water Carrier and comes under the effect of the planet Uranus.

The sun changes through the Zodiac at a rate of about one degree per day, so nearly all January Aquarians are the first decan Aquarians though all February Aquarians will drop within the second or third decan.

Dates:Aquarius decans 1-2-3

The 1st decan of Aquarius occurs on January 20 and 31. It is underneath the guidance of the planet Uranus. Those innate in this period are substantial and ardent, just like a true Aquarius, and original and curious, just as Uranus makes them be. This era is also said to amplify all the positive and negative features of the Aquarius zodiac symbol.

The second decan of Aquarius occurs on February 1 and 9. It is under the effect of the planet Mercury. It is illustrative of generous and reliable individuals, like Aquarius, who have communicative feelings just like Mercury. This period is said to temper the features of the Aquarius zodiac symbol.

The third decan of Aquarius occurs on February 10 and 18. This period is affected by the planet Venus. It is illustrative of resourceful and accepting persons, like Aquarius, and expressive and charming like Venus. This period tempers the positive and negative features of the Aquarius zodiac sign, somewhat improving the negative ones.

1, 2, 3, personality

Aquarius Decan 1: January 20th – 31st

Uranus gives birth to an individual so determined and continuous that when they genuinely want to attain something, even hills may move forward, and the seas divide. With excellent clearness and a great aptitude for emphasis on the matter at hand, nothing appears too complicated or too complex for an Aquarius of the First Decan. 

Proficient in coming up with fresh thoughts and inventive methods, Aquarius natives rarely find them in a condition they can’t win over. Also provided with enormous resistance to pressure and overwhelming energy, the Aquarius is an over-achiever and individual fated for greatness.

Though a loving and sympathetic individual who is friendly overall, an Aquarius hates it when their liberty to act is inhibited. In such cases, an Aquarius of the first Decan will select to take some distance and avoid further interaction with the upsetting foe you’ve now become.

Thus, it is not ever a good idea to force them into doing something that they don’t feel like doing, and this will perhaps misfire in the most unfriendly ways. Highly demonstrative and understanding persons will never reject the appeal for assistance or a request from an associate in need.

In its place, they will take it upon themselves to offer support when somebody wants it, even more so with close and close individuals. An Aquarius usually prefers a dependable, like-minded companion to share their pleasures and griefs. Still, they would hate them at the same time if their needs were not valued.

Aquarius Decan 2: February 1st – 9th

Mercury’s effect goes towards Aquarius’ collaborative skills, which is sure to positively influence his life, given the creative depth and out-of-the-box ideas.

While suitable objects in general, this focus on sharing and communication could also bring about cold conditions. Not everybody appreciates their cool and short-tempered thoughts; some may find them weird and odd at first sight. Aquarius-Gemini citizens are particularly interested in what life can teach them, and they use every chance at their removal to satisfy that desire for knowledge.

It is for this cause that most of the time, a second decan Aquarius will discover them at home when enclosed by books, articles, newspapers, and any form of literature. While always searching for more chances to improve themselves and discover more about the world, these citizens will perhaps give up at once if hurdles seem to exist.

Aquarians of the second decan will ever tend to escape from worrying and unsafe states. In their book, individual pleasure and cheerfulness will always win over the sense of hard-earned success. It is not astonishing that Aquarians are also more involved with free-spirited and pliable people who don’t take things too extreme.

Firm commitments and one-way road attitudes are not desirable, and they will often try to get away from such things to recover their liberty. So, it’s best if you let them play their own game calmly, and you can be sure they will value it.

One of the most pleasant and likable features of a second decan Aquarius is the child-like behavior, that never-ending eagerness and vitality that makes them a must at any communal event. It’s a given that others will feel involved in their automatic and emotional attitude, only to discover that they are even more stimulating and relaxed once they get to know them.

Aquarius Decan 3: February 10th – 18th

The spark that Venus instills into an Aquarius of the third decan revolves around communal relations and interactions. It’s not distant from the fact to say that making associates and familiarity is as much a desire as it is a hobby and a passion. They could even friend and calm Hulk if given sufficient time.

They may also attempt to offer supervision and determine you to alter for the improvement, not because they like to be in control, but since it’s only usual. The third decan native is the most romantically inclined and emotional among all other Aquarians. They can be quiet and understanding but also direct and to the point when essential.

More effect than intelligence, it’s not easy for these Aquarius-Librans to feel they’ve met somebody honest and suitable. But when that occurs, they leave nonentity to be desired and are capable of enormous sympathy and kindness.

And for those interested, these citizens are looking for spirited persons who can keep up with their speed and be interesting simultaneously. Punctuality is another necessary feature. Hopeful and optimistic philosophers, Aquarians of the third decan will continuously tend to have a bright attitude, no issue the situations they find themselves in.

Then, an Aquarian is efficiently invincible when dealing with unpalatable prospects and harsh conditions. Always thinking in perspective and with a viewpoint so optimistic that it can become irritating, one thing is for sure. Having an Aquarius colleague will be the most pleasing thing in your life.

Physical appearance

The Aquarius has a lean, tall body, a comparatively small neckline, and thick hair. They have a beautiful nose and lively, glittering eyes but a face that bears a severe expression. They have a clear and articulate voice but sometimes can be a bit odd. Their smile is delicate, and they tend to have hollows on their cheeks – particularly when they smile. Their overall look is thoughtful but content. They seem to be relishing themselves from the inside; they look outside.

Aquarius-Aquarius is loving and kind hearted, while a lover may protest their detachment. Those best suitable for First Decan Aquarius are somebody who can give them the planetary and liberty they require. They will not be knotted down to fixed routines and schedules. Certain Aquarius-Aquarius may wish for an enduring, faithful, giving, and stable companion but also seek the liberty to enjoy time with their dearest friends.

The Water Bearer signifies Aquarius, a number discharging a water jug. This sign is meant to brush away the past, clear away motionless thinking that’s holding us back, and make room for what’s subsequent. It says a lot about Aquarian behavior.

Ruled by Saturn and Uranus, the Aquarian global force includes reflecting on the past although figuring out how to move forward into the upcoming. Uranus, exposed around the same time as electricity, is the planet of visions, revelations, and revolutions.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Aquarius season is the center of winter. Think of it as an incredible explosion of wintry air that can help us find clearness, exposure, and sudden electrical sights.

Aquarius’ opposite symbol is Leo, the exaggerated fire sign. These two vitalities are in continuous conversation. If Leo brings on the innovative private fire, Aquarius demonstrates how to use that energy to power the future.

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