Aquarius decan 3

Introduction: Aquarius decan 3 is ruled by Moon and Venus. (Libra Triplicity) It brings the collision of the old with the new, so it is the most revolutionary and edgy decan of Aquarius.

The Sun travels through the Goat, the Calf, the Water Bearer, the Swan, and the Male Water Snake from February 9th to the 18th. Aquarius-Libra is astrologically inclined to see only the best in others. In other matters, their judgment is clear, definite, and moral. 

Aquarius decan 3
Aquarius decan 3

Travel and new adventures always excite Aquarius-Libra, as they are forward-looking people. Making plans and resolutions for the future enables them to get through tough times. Above all, they know that no matter how bad things are, tomorrow is just another day. In this regard, they see the future as potentially positive and self-renewing.

If any occupation suits these natives the most, it is politics. They are good supervisors and also know how to stand out in a crowd. Naturally, they are also leaning towards social work for their community. However, Aquarius decan 3 can be more than the white suit of politics, expanding its horizons in fashion and anything creative. Aquarius decan 3 natives are brave and unpredictable.

Would you like to know about Aquarius decan 3 love, personality, and compatibility? Let’s begin;

Aquarius decan 1 love

As for love, it is simple for Aquarians decan 3 to fall in love. Aquarians will find many opportunities to love and create the love that should not be missed. Please make the most of these opportunities without thinking. Relationships are complicated for everyone in their way, but in your case, they are different and challenging too.

They are romantic and affectionate in love and have a sparkle in their eyes. Aquarius decan 3 is not easily satisfied and often gets bored. People best suited to Aquarius-Libra love activity and movement. Liveliness is a very positive trait. They like people who say what they say and show up on time. Aquarius-Libra is the deacon of marriage. They need love and companionship and can offer it in return.

In love, as in life, Aquarius decan 3 is a great experimenter. This sign is willing to make every effort in love and relationships. As a fixed sign, Aquarians are usually ready to make commitments, jump into relationships, and hold space for their partners.

The typical Aquarius is looking for a best friend to share their life with. Yet they are cautious in analyzing and choosing friends and acquaintances. You are loyal and committed to those who take revenge. However, you’ll immediately end the relationship if you feel ignored.

Aquarius decan 1 personality

Aquarius decan’s 3 personality traits are romantic, emotional, and charming. Your constant need for excitement and change allows you to explore many exciting interests. You love to be in love, and fantasy plays a significant role in your life. However, because of your need for change and your restless nature, you can just as easily fall out of love and move on to someone new.

You are beautiful and entice many admirers because they are fascinated by your mysterious nature. Many people will try to get to know you, but very few understand your true nature. The main flaw in this second decan Aquarius personality is emotionality. You act first, think later. You are very restless and easily bored with situations and people.

You are very helpful to those you love and will give your time and energy to them unconditionally. You are the most emotional and sensitive of all Aquarians. You long for love and want to be in a relationship instead of alone. Their ruling planet is Venus. They have a fantastic intuition and sixth sense. However, they will become resistant and hindered if they are not used properly. 

Aquarians born in this period often have different ideas and opinions than the general public, which is neither bad nor a disadvantage. However, they become frustrated if they do not listen to other people’s views at all, thinking that others are superficial. Balancing objectives and reality is an essential issue in their life.

Venus, a planet of friendliness, combines with Aquarius’s ruling planet Uranus to construct them the most people-oriented of all Aquarians. The planet Uranus influences the element of surprise, a romantic and high-minded Libran Venus.

They are the calmest of Aquarius. Aquarius-Libra combo style components can make them great when needed, though never objectionable. Planet Venus in Aquarius 3rd decan allows them to be very in touch with their emotions.

Aquarius decan 3 compatibility

Gemini and Aquarius decan 3 are air signs whose carefree spirits and cheerful natures create a strong initial attraction. The two of them will have plenty to talk about as they are both interested in a wide range of cultural topics and love to analyze the world around them. There must be communication where it is coupled.

Where the couple may struggle is when the honeymoon phase of the relationship is over. Whether or not Gemini and Aquarius can maintain the relationship axis of natural and raw depends on their willingness to be completely truthful, even if it hurts.

They also attract the same attractive energy that they emit. On a similar note, they are good with their flirting game. On the exterior, they may look like social butterflies. Nevertheless, they are picky when choosing friends and people they want to hang out with. They can periodically be volatile, especially if they feel ignored in a relationship.


 Aquarius decan 3 belongs to Libra and is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus endows you with a charming personality that will charm and attract potential partners of the opposite sex. Thanks to Venus, you are highly romantic and sensitive.

The natives of this decan are not sentimental and are very refined. They know how to stand out in a crowd, and they make great politicians. They are also good at social and welfare work. Some natives are fond of creative and fashion assignments. In love, you will give up anything just for true love. They are also quite random. Your attention attracts even the most fearless soul.

You have high ambitions in life, and you will put your heart and soul into achieving them. You don’t give up easily and will stubbornly stick to your goals. This can backfire on you at times. However, if you choose to be a little flexible, things will work out in your favor.

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