Aquarius decan 2

Introduction: Aquarius decan 2 is ruled by Mercury (Gemini triplicity). When someone is born between January 30 and February 8, their planetary ruler is Mercury. People born under this decan are logical, intelligent, and able to connect with people mentally.

This person is unpredictable and takes great pleasure in constantly changing situations. You are frank, genuine, and creative. They are good at analyzing problems and making determinations intellectually and will not let emotions interfere with the action. They excel in academic fields.

Aquarius decan 2
Aquarius decan 2

Mercury, the planet of steadfastness, adds energy to Aquarius’s ruling planet Uranus, bringing liveliness and sparkle to their personalities. Mercury gives a gift for language, and Aquarius gives literary interests. Aquarius-Gemini enjoys understanding for its own sake and is invariably interested in comprehending more. “No trouble” is usually the motto of these free-flowing Aquarius-Gemini; they don’t like trouble in any form and will do practically anything to avoid it. They value their pleasure highly, both in the long and short term.

They have a lot of influence on people around them and are balanced decision-makers in life. Enthusiasm and passion for everything come naturally to them. Not only are they good communicators, but they are also curious people. These two qualities will lead them to the second decan of Aquarius, ruler of Mercury. It also makes them good storytellers. A piece of gossip coming from will never be attractive.

This article will explain Aquarius decan 2 love, personality, and compatibility. Let’s get started;

Aquarius dean 2 love

Aquarius decan 2 can be temperamental when it comes to love. While they relish flirtatious relationships and can easily stay in a long-term “friends with help” situation, love—even when they have in-depth sentiments for the other person—hold them back into the future. Aquarius decan 2 doesn’t desire to depend on another person, and they don’t like anyone else to rely on them. Trying to navigate healthy harmony in a relationship is a lifelong challenge.

Aquarius decan 2 is physically passionate, honest, and in tune with their sexuality. Aquarius may feel that sex connects them more deeply to themselves and their partner and believes that sex can go beyond love. These Aquarius-Geminis discover that they are frequently attracted to the exact opposite personality that they think they are.

People suited to this Aquarius decan 2 prefer to keep relationships light and avoid severe or heavy involvement. Those close to them will learn that if Aquarius’ 2nd decan insists on keeping their distance, it guarantees their independence.

Many Aquarian decans 2 feel at the word “date” as if the concept is too formal and archaic. Instead, Aquarians see their partners through their friend groups. Being open, sincere, and willing to play nice with friends means much to an Aquarius. Aquarius would love an hour-long hangout before going on an actual date, and Aquarius would ideally like to split the bill.

Aquarius decan 2 personality

 Aquarius decan 2 personalities are characterized by openness, honesty, and imagination. You do not have any secret plans, and ‘what you notice is what you get in your relationships with people. You are sincere and truthful and expect the same from others.

You are knowledgeable and quick-witted, allowing your leader to rule over your heart and think carefully before you make decisions. You like mysteries, riddles, and anything that challenges your intellect.

A natural intellectual and scholar that allows you to excel in any career you choose. You also have a strong vision and can turn your hand to creative writing. You are a proficient communicator who uses words to your advantage. In writing and speaking, you can convey your message eloquently and confidently.

Their ruling planet is Mercury which mainly controls the nervous system. Thus, their senses of touch and smell will be more acute than ordinary people. They are gifted with excellent observation skills and eloquence. Moreover, if they add their unique way of thinking, many people will be surprised and amazed by them! All jobs involving knowledge are suitable for them.

They will absorb knowledge quickly and “analyze it through multiple analogies”! However, they lack patience. You want quick results and to live your life at a fast pace. Your sharp mind can outshine others and keep you one step ahead of your competitors in the workplace.

Aquarius decan 2 Compatibility

Aquarius decan 2 has a reputation as the free-spirited adventurer of the sign, and while that may be true, Aquarius won’t be impressed if you take out all of your bedroom antics or toys on the first night. Aquarius is about being on the point and finding the right moves as a couple. Aquarius decan believes in constructive hints, tips, and adjustments to make sex unforgettable. 

Sagittarius and Capricorn share a lust for life that creates instant attraction. Both signs are comfortable with maintaining their independence from others and appreciate the need to fight for their freedom in a relationship. As Sagittarius and Capricorn are willing to be open with each other, they will find that their lives are filled with curiosity and wonder.

The dark side of this anything-goes arrangement is that both Sags and Aquarius are commitment-phobic. You will often see this couple in long-term relationships, but they are reluctant to label anything. It can come from fear of the world, not from an inability to love another!

If Sagittarians and Aquarians understand that their willingness to execute comes from a deep respect for the other person’s freedom, their relationship will flourish.


 Aquarius decan 2 belongs to Gemini and is ruled by the planet Mercury. So you have excellent communication and analytical skills that help attract people easily. You also have great powers of logical reasoning. The natives are found to be very light-hearted and very creative, and scientific.

But sometimes, they can be very unsympathetic to the needs and feelings of others. You are good at making wise decisions and are a very inspirational figure to those around you. You are very enthusiastic and energetic by nature. You also have a great sense of imagination.

The natives are also very generous with their resources. You are sometimes very curious in a sense, and curiosity can kill you, be careful. When provoked, they would become a warrior.

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