Aquarius decan 1

Introduction: Aquarius decan 1 is led by Uranus (Aquarius triplicity). The fixed stars are a focused, bold, ambitious, metaphysical, and quirky bunch living in the Arrow, Eagle, Goat, Microscope, and Toucan. The Sun aligns with these stars from approximately January 21 to 29th. The first star in this Aquarius decan 1 is Sagitta.

This Aquarius decan is the most common. Most of what is covered above apply, but there is more. Aquarius embodies determination of purpose so that whatever is undertaken is often completed, no matter how much time and energy is required.

Aquarius decan 1
Aquarius decan 1

Further, the dynamic nature of this decan helps provide energy to sustain. The side effect of Uranus adds individuality, creativity, and a one-of-a-kind quality to your personality and appearance.

A person born during this decan will do well in a competitive world, as they are multi-talented, adaptable, and creative. They are intellectuals and always full of new ideas. They are unconventional and attractive people. They are happy with themselves and can be introverted at times. They can also be unpredictable and whimsical.

Aquarius 1st decan consistently promotes independence, progressive thinking, and originality within oneself. Aquarius-Aquarius are young with a never-ending supply of sheer exuberance, and despite their idealism, they are never bored or bored.

Are you ready to know about Aquarius decan 1 love, personality, and compatibility? Let’s get started;

Aquarius Decan 1 love

Aquarius decan 1 in love can march to the meter of their drummer—the era of free love wasn’t dubbed “The Age of Aquarius.” Aquarius decan 1 doesn’t take considerable stock of “what should be done,” but Aquarius has its own rules, codes of conduct, and standards and takes all three incredibly seriously.

Aquarius decan 1 is loving and kind, although a lover may complain of their indifference. Aquarius decan 1 is best suited for someone who can give them the space and freedom they need. Fixed routines and schedules will not bind them. Some Aquarius may desire a constant, faithful one. They are looking for a giving and stable partner and the freedom to spend time with close friends.

You love freedom and independence and like to take the road less traveled. But then, to strangers, you can seem quite stubborn and rigid. You are very creative and fun to be around. You can also be trusted with secrets, and you make sure you always keep your promises. One of the main negative traits your loved ones hate is your stubbornness.

Aquarius decan 1 cares deeply for their partner but believes that love does not ask the other person to put the other person’s needs forward of their own. Aquarians are not selfish in love; they are practical and do what is most honest to them.

Aquarius decan personality

Aquarius decan 1 personality traits are versatility, adaptability, and originality; you apply these to all aspects of your life. You are an original philosopher with many innovative ideas. Your ideas, concepts, and beliefs may be seen as highly unusual or avant-garde.

Natives are also quick to resort to criticism. When you’re hurt, you act weird. Inspiration can blow your lid. If you don’t take things to heart, you’ll be the most beautiful soul on the planet when you need it.

You like to be around many people and positively shine at parties and social gatherings. You are beautiful, and people find you attractive. You enjoy many new experiences, like exploring many different interests, and want to meet new people. This is because you can enter them and dazzle them with charm and uniqueness.

You are also pleased in your own company and can retreat into your world if you feel trapped and constrained by conventions. Your clothing, art, and home decor choice are often seen as unusual. The main weaknesses in this first decan Aquarius personality are that your individuality and unconventional approach to life can make you seem odd, strange, or eccentric to others.

They are unique in personality and eccentric in temperament yet flexible, friendly, and free-spirited. They are big and open-minded and don’t like being bound and restrained. However, sometimes they look very mean and sharp. They have a passion for trying everything they come in contact with. They like to touch new things, and their thinking is quick. They often pay little attention to money matters.

Aquarians born in this period have a certain temperament of spirituality; whether in the religious or mystical aspects of learning, they have a capacity for intense awe. If they want to be lucky, they are suitable for this position! Whatever their ambitions may be, they will specially fulfill their aspirations. 

It’s like when everyone goes to the US or the UK to study abroad and prefers Greece or Rome. Everyone who studies law or politics will want to research certain subjects. Also, with the ability to use their spirituality well, they are born with insight into the inner thoughts of others in their hearts.

Aquarius decan 1 compatibility

Aquarius decan 1 is generally generous, naughty, friendly, and surprisingly pleasant to the needy. They are well-rounded individuals, receptive to new ideas. Limiting yourself to a circle of close friends and focusing on people who are psychologically stable and not needy will significantly contribute to your happiness.

Libra and Aquarius are best compatible. Libra and Aquarius make a playful match that both delight in a room full of hundreds of their “close friends.” They are both brave, and their wandering spirits are the best compliments! This couple is also slow to anger and can usually keep things light. A healthy relationship between Aquarius and Libra is full of laughter and fun.

When things get rocky, it has something to do with intimacy. Libra is naturally more passionate than Aquarius, so they must put aside their tendency to tiptoe around emotions. Instead, they need to address their wants and needs openly and honestly. If they do, they are set for a life of happiness!


Natives born under the first decan of Aquarius are ruled by the planet Uranus. They are one of the most complex of all deacons put together. They do not affirm established rules or principles and have their say. However, they are very social but sometimes like to be alone. They are knowledgeable but get depressed quickly.

The natives are inclined towards social work and are incredibly philanthropic. Charity and social work attract them, and they try to work for the good of humanity. There is no selfishness in their lives. They do not tolerate anyone’s monopoly.

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