Angel Number 17, meaning

Number 17, meaning, which means, spiritual, angelic, message. There are several ways to see it, there will be those who see auspicious signs in repeatedly seeing this number or dreaming about it; there are those who notice the opposite. For now, remember that in Eastern cultures, building houses, inaugurating or marriages should be avoided on the 17th day of the lunar calendar.

Nothing unusual is that a skyscraper or very tall building does not have the 17th floor available but 16B or the variants they prefer as long as they do not have the floor in question.

Numbers are not only used in measurement and statistics, but they also have different meanings. In particular, number 17 is a very important number, let’s play with its meanings!

In math, 17 is the 7th prime number. The next prime number 17 is 19, which forms a pair of twin primes. 17 is the sum of the four smallest primes (2 + 3 + 5 + 7). The mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss proved that the polygon uniformly 17 sides (octagon) can be erected into a ruler, because 17 is a Fermat number (2 ^ 2 ^ 2 + 1).

Number 17, meaning, spiritual angelic message
Number 17, meaning, spiritual angelic message

Meaning of angel number 17

There is talk of birth and death: favorable life, smooth business,

Angel number 17 obviously gets its meaning from the numbers that compose it, in this case 1 and 7. One is the number that is connected with leadership qualities such as optimism, independence and assertiveness.

Number 1 is highly materialistic and has to do with mastery over the material aspect of life.

The number 7 is a much more spiritual number, at least it is like that in most cases; in other latitudes, seven represents bad luck for the user.

In the end, the resulting cocktail is very positive, which speaks of specialty and authority.

Feng shui

The number 1 carries the ocean, the number 7 is the odd number that the ocean also carries. Therefore, the combination of 1 and 7 creates the number 17 which represents strength, bringing harmony, growth and prosperity. The number 17 is also associated with the image of a crane that symbolizes longevity, warmth and happiness.

The spiritual meaning of angel number 17

The number 17 in spiritual numerology represents the power of divine intervention in the destiny of man. Seventeen belongs to the category of good numbers. 17 is always a good number, but only for deeply religious people. For the rest, it is knowing when your message happens.

The number 17 consists of two digits: the digit 1 and the digit 7. Seven in the language of numbers translates as “the intervention of divine conduct in the destiny of man.” The number 1 in spiritual numerology is the power number. Therefore, the unit tends to amplify the numbers immediately after it.

Number 17 is extremely auspicious as it connects a new beginning with the manifestation of good luck. It is important that the bearers of this number do not forget to thank the forces of the Universe for the gifts they send them.

The number 17 indicates that you are on the right path of your life journey. So you have every reason to be optimistic. The repeated number 17 is a message from Destiny that you need to listen to what your intuition tells you intuition and above and take appropriate action, as only you can fulfill what you are destined to do from above.

Number 17 and character

There is no reason not to use proven numerological methods to determine a person’s character 17. As a result of any calculation by date of birth, the number 17 folds to eight. But since this eight is derived from a combination of 1 + 7, the character will have the characteristics of these initial numbers.

Thus, the positive qualities of the eight – success, reliability, competence and ability – will be spiced with the corresponding qualities of the unit and seven: independence, courage, originality, charm and sobriety of mind.

Unfortunately, the same will happen with the negative qualities: to the selfishness, arrogance and cruelty of the number 8 will be added the stubbornness, boldness, pedantry and cruelty inherent in the numbers 1 and 7.

The magic of number 17

There is a rather unexpected answer to the question of what the number 17 means from the point of view of mysticism, and with what magical abilities does it endow its owner. That answer is the infallibility of choice.

Whatever problem stands in the way of a person 17, he always chooses a solution that absolutely corresponds to his life creed. And she doesn’t doubt it for a minute.

Thanks to this property, you are never plagued by doubts and remorse before, after. He knows that he did the right thing. And given the qualities listed above, particularly wisdom, insight, and intuition, this is often the case.

Among other things, this means that it is very comfortable to communicate with a person, since he never makes excuses and does not seek sympathy.


The number 17, is the number of Aquarius, it represents living and dead water, connected to each other. Dead water affects our soul and our bodily being, killing everything that is old, obsolete and disgusting. Living water brings to life a new, more viable subtle.

For the first time, a person begins to realize that time is heterogeneous and has a different density in the area, and a person approaches the idea of the mystery of time. Time stretches out like it’s on a slow-motion movie, then rushes at the speed of a courier train. The old life in the family society where your parents decided everything for you gradually begins to die out and you yourself take control of life into your own hands.

It is the number 17 that reveals the presence of the subtle material and spiritual. The world opens up new horizons and new requirements for you. I want to have time to cover everything everywhere and understand the world that is so interesting and multifaceted.


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