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Air signs Zodiac: color, personality

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Air signs Zodiac: color, personality; gemini, aquarius,libra.  Astrological signs make it possible for human beings to discover a lot of things about themselves. The astrological signs speak a lot about our personalities. Thanks to an individual’s personality traits, one can express different behaviors and know how to react to various circumstances. The various zodiac signs are ruled by different external forces, including fire, air, water, and earth.

This article will discuss the three air signs zodiac, their color, and personality meanings. The three air signs zodiacs include Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra.


The Gemini zodiac refers to the individuals born between 21st May and 20th June. Geminis are capable of adapting to any situation regardless of the challenges they face.


Air signs zodiacs color yellow
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Air signs zodiacs color yellow

The mythological associations of the Gemini zodiac make it to be associated with the color yellow. This color is a symbol of change, an exciting sense of exploration and cheerfulness. The color is also inspiring and always triggers brilliant thoughts and curiosity. The color is associated with the lovely nature of Geminis and can be compared to the liveliness created by the sun as it brightened everything on its way. 


The personality of individuals belonging to the Gemini zodiac thrives well when they are in the company of other people. These people are social and prefer to be in the company of others instead of staying at home alone. They are more interested in knowing what is going on in other people’s minds than what is going on in theirs. Some people have high problem-solving capabilities, and Geminis are among those people. 

Given that the zodiac is ruled by air, Geminis are considered great communicators. Therefore, whenever an issue needs to be solved, Geminis are great problem solvers and can solve the issue better than other individuals. These individuals have the capability of forming strong connections with other people. An example is the case of relationships. Whenever a Gemini is in a romantic relationship, they become the rulers or guides of the relationship. They know what needs to be done and how it needs to be done due to their high intellectual powers. 


This zodiac sign refers to individuals who were born between 20th January and 18th February.


The Aquarius zodiac is associated with the color blue. The zodiac favors all the bright shades of blue, and the people belonging to this sign tend to have a great attachment to the color blue. The color is a representation of their energetic and exciting nature. The blues with a little tint of green symbolize life, growth potential, and the chances to evolve.

These shades symbolize something greater than what is represented by the dull shades of blue. These dark shades of blue or green can feel a little depressing to individuals that belong to this zodiac. These individuals will find themselves being attracted to bright colors such as yellow and bright gold. 


One of the main personality traits for Aquarius people is that they are forward thinkers. They have a great sense of everything happening around them. These individuals are diverse and can easily detect all the possibilities of a particular outcome. They can also detect something that is bound to fail and the things that are bound to succeed. Individuals belonging to this zodiac sign make a huge contribution to the decision-making process in their workplaces. They have a mindset that allows them to be revolutionaries and visionaries. 

Aquarius individuals are used to thinking ahead and waiting for other people to catch up. This makes them great leaders regardless of the people they have been allocated to lead. They are innovative, eccentric, and unique. Therefore, this makes it challenging to tell them what to do. They like giving instructions and not taking orders. Their collaborative mindset and humanitarian spirit enable them to socialize well with other people. 


The libra zodiac represents individuals that were born between 23rd September and 22nd October.  


This zodiac sign is associated with the color blue. The most preferred color is light shades of blue, but any other shade is also considered powerful. Some individuals belonging to this zodiac sign might consider this color as conservative, a little bit sad, and predictable. When Libras find themselves in a hectic situation and need to calm down, blue is ideal.

This zodiac sign is also associated with other light colors such as lavender, pistachio green, peach, and pink. Their colors appear peaceful because their zodiac sign is ruled by Venus, a planet that strives for harmony.


Individuals belonging to this sign are very social but tend to be highly picky when it comes to the choice of acquaintances. They have a high intellectual capacity and are easily appealed to by art. These people are capable of appreciating design, great art, and all other gratifications of life. Libra people are very diplomatic, and this explains why they are empathetic. They are likely to get into someone else’s shoes in an attempt to understand their problem. They are good at problem-solving and would work towards fairness in every issue they are given to solve.

Regardless of how much Libras hate injustice, they do not like confrontations. They will hide from any confrontation situation to avoid being a part of the particular confrontations. If these individuals find themselves in a confrontation they could not avoid, do not ask them to make a judgment. They are likely to avoid the scene because they are not good at making judgments during such situations.

They are highly optimistic and like being surrounded by good things. If you note any person that loves good music, they are most likely a Libra. Libras like being surrounded by good and positive things in their life and will always avoid negative energy. 

All the air signs zodiacs are about mental and intellectual energy. Everything about these zodiac signs has to do with communication. People belonging to these zodiac signs spend a lot of time thinking and analyzing situations. These individuals get bored easily, and therefore, one can easily know how to deal with them.

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