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1972 chinese zodiac.1972 Chinese astrological sign; Which animal does it correspond to in the Chinese horoscope? The desire to know which animal is 1972 is usually visited by people born in this particular calendar period or who have friends, acquaintances, lovers, business partners.

According to the Chinese horoscope, the patron saint of this cycle is the black water rat, a fairly intelligent, cunning and resourceful animal. What does the description of the symbol according to the oriental calendar say about it? What is the difference between the character of men and women born in 1972 and with whom can they build a harmonious relationship?

1972 is the year of the Water Rat. These are individuals with strong analуtic thinking and diplomatic behavior who feel quite comfortable in society. The intelligence they have developed even allows them to predict events. 

Characteristics of the rat

What brings good luck:

  • Lucky numbers: 2, З and numbers containing them.
  • Lucky days: 4th and 1З of the Chinese lunar month.
  • Lucky colors: blue, gold, green. 
  • Lucky flowers: lуs, African violet. 
  • Lucky directions: west, northwest and southwest.
  • Lucky month: 2nd, 5th and 9th month of the Chinese lunar calendar

What brings about failure:

  • Unlucky colors: yellow, brown
  • Unlucky numbers: 5 and 9
  • Unlucky directions: south and southeast
  • Unlucky months: 4th, 10th and 12th month of the Chinese lunar calendar.

General characteristics of the symbol

People born in the year of the Black Water Rat have only two opinions: their own and the wrong one. This animal model rewards its “wards” with impenetrable self-confidence and great intelligence. Those lucky enough to be born in 1972 will certainly not be outdone in social life. Brilliant and charismatic leaders by nature, they easily hide in the shadows to play the role of a “gray cardinal” in the most ambitious events.

According to the Eastern calendar, the water rat is a thinker and intellectual. She, more than other representatives of this sign, is inclined to choose a field of activity in which his brilliant mind is in demand. But this does not mean that those born in 1972 are without flaws.

In general, people born in 1972 are quite well adapted to this world, they are livable and, if you accept their rules of the game, they can make certain concessions and compromises. A well-developed intuition allows them to easily avoid dangerous situations, to sense the mood of others well. Natural observation also benefits the water rat and even helps it to develop literary talents.If you want, representatives of this sign can make a career as a writer or journalist.

Despite their insight and high intelligence, people born in 1972 are quite naive and trusting, as ideas of honor and dignity are most often taken from books.

People born in the year of the Black Water Rat are the most romantic and sensitive among the representatives of their sign. They are driven by desires and emotions and often simply forget to think about the situation beforehand.

This symbol gives people who have received its patronage enough charm and appeal to captivate almost anyone. If they are in love, they will surely get a response from the object of passion.

Determination is inherent in all rats. But people born in 1972 are less mercantile and often do not have big career plans. They are quite creative people with great potential, sincere and moving people.


Men born in 1972 have a calm and peaceful disposition. They are friendly, handle conflict easily and are generally considered good friends and partners. The patronage of the elements of water makes them more flexible and changeable, successful in diplomatic negotiations and finding compromise.

It is easy and pleasant to befriend the Rat born in 1972. This man will always lend his shoulder, his support and his listening, without reading lectures.

Such a person easily disguises his intransigence by accepting another person’s opinion with the help of great authority in the eyes of others. His intellectual superiority gives him great advantages and allows him to gain the respect of others.

In relationships with women, men, whose patron is the Water Rat, observe a kind of code of honor. They remain faithful in a relationship or marriage, they organize romantic surprises for their partner, and they almost never argue.

If a man born in 1972 decides to get married, there’s no doubt he’ll prefer family time to any entertainment outside the home.


The woman born in 1972 is the incarnation of the water element. She is calm, peaceful, ready to make sacrifices and commitments for the good of her family or loved ones. Women who benefit from the patronage of the Water Rat are true philosophers and dreamers, they often indulge in thoughts, they may participate in social movements or save the world from imaginary threats. In any case, she will find a high goal and follow it.

The female water rat is a genius of mimicry, it adapts easily to all conditions, it always shows to its entourage a good mood. Courtesy and kindness are your calling card. This approach makes women born in 1972 very successful in their careers. They may hold high positions, but they do not fight for them. Colleagues know the analytical talents of these beautiful ladies and often trust them to make strategic decisions.

In everyday life, women, whose boss is the water rat, are distinguished by their precision. They are ideal housewives who seek to equip their homes with maximum comfort.

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