11th house in astrology

11th house in astrology. The 11th house in astrology is considered to be an area of life that represents our friendships, groups, people we work with and deals with customers. It also influences our social standing in the community. Some have also said it has a bearing on our karma, or the amount of good fortune that surrounds us in life.

11th house in astrology
11th house in astrology

Moons in The 11th House

The Moon is also said to be associated with this house. If a Moon is located here it can either be a co-ruler, or aspecting a planet, which adds to its significance. If the aspected planet is strong, such as Mercury or Saturn, then it may bring good communications skills. However, if it is weak (or in Scorpio) then we may expect our Moon to have a dark side , and be over emotional.

Functions:11th house in astrology

The 11th house is considered by many astrologers to be the house of friendships and groups which are so important for happiness and meaning. It is also seen as the area of life that represents our work and dealing with customers. It gives a clue to our social standing in the community and influence.

Significators and other keywords

The ruler of the 11th house is often called Mars, or the Martyr. It is seen as an area of life that requires considerable sacrifice if it is to be happy and successful. The 11th house also represents prowess, and we might expect someone with planets in this house to be good at teamwork, which can be a fun experience as well as being practical.

The 11th house is often considered to be the house of groups, teams and organisations. If we join (and work in) a group that has worthwhile aims, then this can be of great benefit. The people involved may help us develop our skills, self-esteem and sense of purpose: it allows us to give something back to the community. However, if the group is not beneficial or we don t feel at home with its aims and activities, then we may find out more about ourselves and our true values. In some cases, we may discover that we are not comfortable in a group situation, or that we don t get on with the people involved.

If our 11th house is afflicted (by aspects or by planets) then we may feel under pressure to conform, or may suspect that an organisation will use us for its own ends. We might be jealous of other people’s successes, or fear they are out to get us . Under these conditions we may be over-critical, or unwilling to see another person’s point of view.

The 11th house is also known as the house of people. It represents the people we meet in our daily lives: our friends, colleagues and neighbours. If we do not travel a lot, then this house will reflect those people who are around us most. This can make for a good balance of great friendships and helpful companionship. However, if we spend a lot of time alone, or are involved in long-distance travels, then we may find that our people’s lives are of little interest to us.

The 11th house is also known as the house of children or  house of relationships . We won’t be surprised to find children are important for happiness and fulfilment in this house. If a person has planets here, he or she will be eager to care for the life of others. The well-being of others can be a source of reassurance and joy. These people may be impulsive and emotionally unstable, but may make for loyal friends. They are often very sociable, and can enjoy entertaining others.

On the other hand, if we have planets here, then we might expect many close relationships because of our need to care for others! We may be able to relate easily with children or older people (or both) and will appreciate their input into our lives.

The 11th house is also known as the house of self-expression or house of art. We may enjoy creating art and music, although we may tend to be too self-centred to think about anyone else’s feelings. We might also find it easy to create groups (groups are often the result of a group of people who have come together).

In astrology the 11th house is sometimes associated with our sense of belonging and social class. It is sometimes called the house of consolation since it influences our social status, our standing in the community and our self-esteem. If we have planets in this area then we may feel unsettled about what others think about us, or we may be too concerned about how others see us to enjoy ourselves.

Many people have planets in the 11th house, although many also have Venus in the 11th and Moon in Scorpio or Mars in Aquarius. As well as having certain planet placements, it is also important to consider what other aspects are present for us. If we have Jupiter in the 11th then this can make us more socially active, and will enhance our friendships and social standing. However, if there are aspects of Saturn to our 11th house planets then we need to be aware that it can influence us in a negative way.

The 11th house is very important for married people, and could be a sign that someone has difficulties dealing with relationships. It is possible for a person to have no planets in the 11th house and still experience difficulties due to other influences present. If a person has only one planet (Venus or Mars) in the 11th then they may find they are held back by this alone.

The 11th house is sometimes used as a connecting house. When children are born into a family they may be connected to the other adults. In this way, the children benefit from learning good parenting skills, and the adults can enjoy their company. The parents (and their planets) are considered to be in the 11th house for the child, and this shows how an individual’s life can become linked to others through friendships and relationships.

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